Maestro Tequilero

Don Luis, my father. He’s had a romance with tequila making for more than 50 years; he bequeathed to me not only a passion for life, as well as countless values. He’s been an example of honesty, bravery, and joy for life, and he instilled in me an eagerness to pass these experiences on, both in life and at my job, which is what gives flavor and aroma to these lifelong traditions of ours.

I was born in the land where it all started: Tequila, Jalisco. I grew up among agave plants, tequilas, and good, hard-working people; I grew up playing in the agave landscape, among tequila ovens and alembics, not knowing that life would put me back in the same place, now with an even greater love for this land, which allows me to create my own story and “play” again among the agaves and alembics, making the best artisanal tequila there is. That is my father don Luis Yerenas’s legacy, which I strive to honor every day of my life. That is Casa Tequilera.

Hugo Yerenas
Presidente / Maestro tequilero
Casa Tequilera

Our Mission

We at Casa Tequilera seek to create tequilas with international quality, honoring the tequila Masters that have protected and developed this colorful Mexican tradition for generations.

our vision

We look forward to becoming a leading brand with our combination of artisanal processes and innovative products that take the art of tequila making to a whole new level of flavor and meaning.