From the field to the Glass

Amatitan, Jalisco is a place of tradition and honor at the heart of tequila’s homeland. This is the actual birthplace of this world-known and universally beloved liquor.

The story of Mexico’s most emblematic spirit can be traced back to the 16th century, right in this town where the blue of the sky blends with that of the agave landscape; the mild climate and volcanic soils are ideal for harvesting tequilana Weber blue agave, tequila’s sole ingredient.

Blue agave provides identity to our municipality, so much so that it adorns our coat of arms to honor the generations of tequileros who have dedicated their lives to Mexico’s most famous beverage.

Amatitan is home to our factory and distillery; known as “La Regional”; its tradition and quality have made the region’s tequilas stand out for decades. Today it shines again thanks to its location and production capacity.

A new tradition has been born from our agave fields, one that wants to be part of the best moments in the life of tequila lovers around the world.